Occupational therapy and Speech Therapy for children with ASD, Asperger’s and Sensory processing disorders.

Terms like Asperger’s, ASD (autistic spectrum disorder) can be devastating for parents who worry for their teens future. Your young adult may have been diagnosed by a specialist or your child’s school teacher may have said your child struggles with sensory processing many years ago but once the funding was used, nothing has been tried since to help.

Learning requires us to take the information we have received through our senses (hearing, vision, touch, taste and movement) to make predictions of what could happen and then apply what we know. A sensory processing disorder can affect language, emotions, school work or relationships with others. All these young adults have difficulty using the information available to them and making decisions and predictions based upon this. Our specially trained Occupational Therapists  can help develop your young persons ability to take the sensory information and make sense and use the information available.

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ABLE Therapy is registered to provide services  through “Helping children with Autism” funding (FaHCSA) and NDIS

Most parents who have children with autism notice signs within the first two years of their child’s life. With the right treatment this disorder can be minimised and can help children gain self care, social and communication skills. Once out of funding, most families can not afford to continue with any intervention. Here at ABLE Therapy, we can help with Occupational Therapy for Teens and Adults with autism.

Occupational Therapy  for Teens and adults with Asperger’s

People with Asperger’s Syndrome often display intense interests, and can have difficulty with social interaction, handwriting, speech and language and can display restricted and may display repetitive behaviors or sensory behaviors. Our special trained Occupational Therapist at ABLE  can assist with a range of different therapies ranging from cognitive behavioral therapy to improve stress management and occupational therapy to assist with improving independence and vocational options.

Children who see a Paediatric Occupational Therapist will often see improvement in their Speech Therapy results.