Looking for an Occupational Therapist that can help with your HCWA application?

Funding of up to $12,000 is available from the Australian Government to children aged zero to seven diagnosed with autism. This is why it is important that if your child is eligible that this diagnosis is made before their 6th birthday.
Able Therapy is highly experienced in working and assisting paediatricians with their diagnosis of children who may have autism and for the Helping Children With Autism funding program.

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Why Able Therapy?

Many of the Children treated by our therapists have similar concerns. Our Speech and Occupational Therapist are experienced and committed to providing the latest proven and tested programs and techniques so assist children with educational, behavioral and self regulation challenges.

Able Therapy has submitted many HCWA applications that have been processed successful and the subsidy paid out. Our staff have the experience to know:

  • Required assessments and diagnosis methods
  • Correct information to provide
  • We help take the confusion out of the application process.

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