MASS ( Medical Aids Subsidy Scheme) if for all Queensland residents who do not receive a level 3 or 4 package. This program is separate from CAEATI and is designed for home mobility only. Allocated funding is dependent on need and how well your therapist can advocate on your behalf. The fee for the therapist is not funded and can be part funded under EPC or private health insurance. Items available on MASS – manual wheelchairs, electric power wheelchairs, 4 wheeled walkers, hoists, mobile shower commodes, pressure relieving cushions and pressure relieving mattresses and continence products. Scooters and hospital beds are not available on MASS.

Q: What happens after I get my BIS #?

A: Call Able Home Therapy and one of our therapists will talk to you re your needs for community access. The therapist will then organise with you to either bring some items to your home to trial or you can meet the Therapist at the mobility shop of your choice. Your therapist will send the application once we have your details, signature and quote from the mobility supplier.

Q How do I get equipment through MASS and how long will it take?

A: MASS can process the application quickly if the item is required for hospital discharge and we encourage hospital therapists (Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist) to complete all urgent request prior to discharge from hospital. Alternatively you can ask ABLE Therapy to submit an application. Whilst the items are mostly fully funded, the Therapist time is not. NGOs can assist with the application however there can be a considerable wait of up to a year for a Therapy assessment with public services.