Occupational therapy can provide the answers and results you want for your child

But how can occupational therapy help your child?

Where child physiotherapy will focus on changing the child, occupational therapy focuses on helping children meet the demands of life. The occupational therapist may do this by “brain training” and “physical training”. Not to be confused with tutoring, an occupational therapist works with children to help change how the child learns not what they learn, so they can become more independent, develop and live their life.

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When a child’s difficulties are not solved by simple tutoring, an occupational therapist (OT) is often the answer. An OT understands how the brain works and how to identify what needs to be learnt before a child can progress with their school work. They will look at how the child processes sound and visual information, how well they can concentrate, how well they coordinate their body and how they put these things together at the same time. The brain can be trained and with a few special “OT methods” many parents see a considerable improvement in all areas of their child’s life where previously everything had failed.

Able Therapy has a team of passionate, allied health professionals that are dedicated to improving the quality of life for parents and children. Our experience base in paediatrics gives us the ability to help diagnose and treat mild to severe learning difficulties, disabilities and developmental delays, and provide you with the achievable solutions that are tailored to you and your child’s needs.

We have three paediatric occupational therapists, one speech therapist, and one physiotherapist. They can work with you to help your child with:

Self Regulation
Preventing and controlling and managing “melt downs” Expressing feelings appropriately. Managing frustrations in conflicts. Being friendly and respecting others. Concentrating in class or in a busy environment

Sensory Processing
Managing the environment, and being aware of over & under sensitivities. Making order and sense of all of the sensory information that is bombarding their developing minds. (Think of how hard it is to read or do a sum if there is a crying baby near you and you will partly understand just how difficult it is for the children we see.)

Executive Functioning
Reasoning. Problem solving. Planning. Attentional control.

Speaking & Communication
Communication is a two way thing. We use body language tone of voice and facial expression to communicate. Just think of how many misunderstanding there are when people txt each other. We can also address stuttering, and developing articulation and phonics with speech therapy.

Separation anxiety, general anxiety, equipment. Feeding. Continence (day and night wetting and soiling). Dressing. Washing.

Why Able Therapy?

The Able Therapy team has a specialty in kids occupational therapy and speech therapy. Our range of experience in child health and development enables us to properly assess your child, identify mild to severe disabilities and developmental delays, and provide the solutions that work for you and your child.

Able Therapy services go beyond occupational therapy, our team consists of highly qualified speech therapists and physiotherapists, allowing us to fully tailor a package to you and your child’s needs.

Meet Our Occupational Therapists

Amanda Smith
Amanda Smith is a specialised trained paediatric Occupational Therapist qualified from the USA. She brings with her the latest and the best of what the USA system has to offer in the treatment and management of children with ASD, Autism, Behavioral, learning, developmental delay and Cerebral Palsy.

• APHRA Registered Occupational Therapist
• National Board of Occupational Therapy accreditation USA
• California State Occupational Therapist
• Master of Science in Occupational Therapy (Paediatrics) San Jose State University, USA

Rinda Strydom
Rinda Strydom is our latest Paediatric Occupational Therapist with over 16 years experience. Rinda has moved with her family from South Africa, New Zealand and has now decided Australia is home. Rinda like Amanda has a special interest in children with schooling difficulties including ASD, ADD, Autism, Cerebral Palsy.

• APHRA Registered Occupational Therapist
• Bachelor Occupational Therapy
• Honours in Augmentative and Alternative Communication
• Pretoria University Post-Graduate in Health Services Management

Get the answers & peace of mind you’re after

Occupational Therapy Service Options

Screening Assessment (20 min + 10 min feedback)
Is there something wrong with my child? Get the answers and peace of mind about your child by having our experienced team test your child for a range of mild to severe disabilities, delays and difficulties.

At the end of the screening assessment we can advise you if there are grounds to have concern for your child and if further investigation is warranted. No formal report is provided as this is reserved for full assessments that take 1.5 hours. At the end of the screen, the therapist will be able to give you verbal feedback and discuss with you how to address your concerns.

Occupational Therapy Full Assessment
An occupational therapy assessment identifies your child’s strengths and abilities, so that best treatments and solutions can be planned out for their improvement and development.

You can bring an occupational therapy assessment to us and we can action it, and vice-versa, you can take our assessment to another clinic, and have them action it. This provides you with the flexibility to move locations and not worry that you will need to go through an assessment again.

Note: Reports more than 12 months old will be out of date and will not reflect how well you child is doing now.

Occupational Therapy Services
We have the skills and experience to provide the occupational therapy treatment and management you and your child need. By meeting regularly, whether it be weekly, monthly or quarterly, we can assess and improve how your child is progressing and the results they are achieving.

As we continue to meet, you will see improvement in your child’s independence and mobility, ability to achieve daily tasks like eating and washing, managing sensory and stimulation balance, and fine motor skills for regular activities including handwriting.

We will also assist you in applying for funding including MASS and CAEATI applications.

We have been accepted by the the rigorous NDIS registration system to provide Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy and Physiotherapy to children and adults with physical disabilities, intellectual disabilities, adults and children on the autism spectrum.

For clients not in NDIS area we are a have Betterstart and HCWA funded practice.

Partners with: Burpengary Meadows State School, Narangba State School, Narangba Valley State school, Burpengary State School, and Jinibara State School.

Where are we located?

Our clinics in North Lakes and Rothwell have all the therapeutic equipment, toys and activity rooms necessary for the top level of Occupational therapy service we provide.

North Lakes Clinic

5/8 Wills Street
North Lakes QLD 4509
P: 07 3555 8196 or 1300 338 167
F: 07 3888 7085

Rothwell Clinic

13/16-22 Bremner Road
Rothwell QLD 4022
P: 1300 338 167
F: 07 3888 7085

Get the answers & peace of mind you’re after