Rehabilitation after Hospital

Our experienced Occupational Therapists often assist Private and Public Hospitals in providing pre and post discharge home assessments of your needs to ensure a smooth transition from hospital to home care.

Our therapists can come to your home to provide a complete rehabilitation program for you to follow until you’re up and about. An occupational therapist can also organise minor home modifications for example, rails and ramps etc to help you in these early days.

After a debilitating illness or major surgery, Occupational Therapy  can assist with changing the environment around your home so that everyday tasks can be done easily and with less pain.

We can assist with

  • Aids and equipment recommendations.
  • Home safety assessment and equipment setup.
  • Access to hire equipment.
  • Builder recommendations and applications eg home assist and private fully insured builder
  • Rehabilitation
  • Manual handling recommendations for carers.
Able Therapy - Rehabilitation at Home

If you’ve suffered an illness or have had major surgery and require the assistance of a therapist, pleaser your next appointment now!